About Us

GalRan company specializes in rental and operation of:

  • Mobile toilets with running water – not chemical
  • Mobile showers with cold / hot water
  • Containers for rent or sale


was established due to the understanding of the importance of your basic human needs and with an aim to give you a perfect and professional solution-just like at home. “GalRan” will accompany you on every event with our portable toilets, showers and related equipment that will give you an enjoyable experience using a luxurious, spacious and functional structures.


emphasizes the importance of the customer desires while providing immediate, reliable and professional service- the best you can get! Our structures are the perfect and most effective solution for your event, anytime, anywhere. For events in nature and at home, parties, productions, festivals, conferences, summer camps, trips, and also effective temporary solution when renovating existing buildings and facilities.


was founded in 2005 , a plumber by profession, who acknowledge the strong need to improve, upgrade and provide people the option for more Aesthetic, spacious and hygienic portable showers and toilets Wherever and whenever needed.

We believe that we can provide something different, innovative and unique. Our company employees are the most professional and experienced in the field of sanitary plumbing! Since its establishment, “sanitatzia” shared the success of a wide variety of events, from the Private events to ongoing events like “Bumbmla” Festival, holidays at the Western Wall, Yarkon Park events and highway 6 opening.

You are more then welcome to contact us and get all the information you need: 

Mail: info@gal-ran.com

Phone: 072-3387766

Fax: 04-6308377